A Malayan Story

It was a carefree childhood -

her first playhouse was a scaled- down wooden kampong house in the garden;

her happiest memories are of :-

growing up in colonial timber buildings - with sprawling gardens and huge climbable rain trees, from Johore to Penang,

- riding her tricycle through the middle of a one-street town, where everyone knew everyone else and smiles abounded ... and when a little older, bicycling to school and back ...

- picnics with family and schoolmates on boulders, by cold mountain streams, waterfalls, jungle…

- chickens, geese, turkeys and ducks in the backyard…

- watching black and white movies outdoors, on big screens in fields ...

- little boys & girls of every race playing football in the rain,

- long playing records,  Romance  Dance  Song

- a beautiful, family and house-proud mother - who made every house they moved into – a cosy, elegant home within 2 days, with Chinese hand-carved sandalwood chests and coffee tables laden with Indian brass filigree ornaments

- who could cook almost any dish by just trying it out once

She grew up loving history, mythology, literature, beautiful interiors, antiques;

always looking to discover and celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Share her story and add to your’s…..