A Café with a Menu and facilities designed especially for the elite and recreational bicyclists, that frequent the Hulu Langat area.

Fresh air, Activity-appropriate food and drink, Camaraderie

For the Active, Outdoors-loving, Recreational, Outgoing/Sociable, Adventurous

Open Saturdays and Sundays, 7am to 4pm.
Times may change with COVID-19 related SOPs and restrictions.


A Café especially for the elite and recreational riders ,that frequent the Hulu Langat area, to call their own.
We have you in mind when we designed our Menu → for pre- and post-ride nutrition with healthy choices for healthy, active people



Other 'Pit Stop Perks'

  • - Filtered Drinking Water - free
  • - Eggs Station – to fix eggs to order
  • - Juice Bar – Sports drinks
  • - Bring your own water, food containers and cutlery (so that we can save on plastics) and we will pack your Meals & Drinks to Go'
  • - Check us out and tell us what else you would like on the Menu
  • - (Psst - We also have on the Menu some of the typical Malaysian’s favourite but 'not-so-healthy' foods such as Roti Chanai, Nasi Lemak and Curry Laksa, to name just a few!
  • - Bicycle Racks
  • - Car park

    Leave your car for the day till 4.30 pm for a RM 5/- fee that will go to the nearby Orang Asli Settlement Fund (OASF)
  • - Toilets & Shower

    Bring your own towel ( we’ll supply the soap ) and have a shower and change for RM 3 /- that will also go to the OASF

Everything you need to know about being a cycling sportive?


Contact Us

We would like to assist in building up an outdoor sports and bicycling culture, by working and 'playing' with not just the sports elite but also with the recreational 'daytripper' individuals and families, Associations, NGOs and related Sponsors to organize Family Outdoor Fun Days etc

If you’re coming in groups of 5 or more to The HUB and would like us to know your pre-requirements and preferences so that we can be ready for you or to discuss organizing an event on our Estate,
please call Dennis @ +603 9021 7688,
or email: