The Joglo House

In the highly hierarchical Javanese culture, the type of roof of a house reflects the social and economic status of it's owners.
The Joglo roof is traditionally associated with the residences of noble families.
The 4 main house posts support a roof that covers the very centre of the house proper (omah) or a pavilion (pendopo) and internally surmounted by a unique structure consisting of layered beams referred to as the 'tumpang sari' (supposed to depict the nine levels towards Nirvana)

The sacred space beneath the tumpang sari, known as the dalem, is often left empty. Traditionally, incense was burnt once a week in this area to honour the rice goddess Dewi Sri, or in Central Java, to honor 'Nyai Roro Kidul. This sacred area is also where the bride and bridegroom are seated during their marriage ceremony.



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