Workshop: Growing your own veggies & herbs in a tropical, urban environment

Do you like the idea of growing your own herbs but don’t have the knowledge?

Would you like to experience the joy of harvesting fresh, healthy and better tasting vegetables straight from your garden?

Let us help you

No matter how large or small the space you have available, let us share our passion and knowledge with you, so that you can gain the skills needed to set up and manage an edible garden.

Join us for a 3-hour introduction course that has been specifically designed for the novice home gardener to gain confidence and start to grow your own food!

This, hands-on, session has been designed to showcase and demonstrate how natural vegetable gardens can exist in almost any urban environment.

Learn how to keep kitchen and garden scraps out of landfills and turn them into valuable nutrients for your garden soil. And, leave with the knowledge to plant, grow and care for your own herbs, salads and vegetables.

Topics covered will be:

- Where do we live, what can we grow, how do we grow it?

- The secret to making great soil, anywhere

- How to prepare soil mixes for your pots and gardens

- Container planting for herbs, salads and smaller vegetables

- No-dig garden preparation

- How to maintain a garden and natural pest control

Harbir Gill got bitten by the edible gardening bug 13 years ago. For the past 6 years, he has been running workshops and sharing his knowledge on composting, soil management and home cultivation with whoever wants to listen.
Harbir specialises in designing and building raised garden beds and growing edibles in urban spaces. He is especially passionate about making soil great again.

Harbir and his Ground Control Team will be conducting a Tropical Urban Edible Gardening Workshop. Register your interest at this link.

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