'The Terry Workshops'

Simple Pain Relief For Partners

A hands-on, four hour workshop showing what you can do to help your partner, friend or family members with low back pain. Around the world, low back pain has now reached record levels as more of us feel the effects of our modern lifestyle. Terry will teach you simple one finger massage techniques you can use at home to relieve the pain until you can seek professional treatment. You will learn which muscles cause most back pain and what you can do to avoid it re-occurring. Please bring a partner as you will be treating each other during the workshop. You'll also need a yoga mat, a towel and some massage oil.
You'll have fun and learn a valuable skill at the same time!

Be Pain Free For Better Yoga

Yoga has never been more popular, yet many practitioners have to push through a pain barrier to achieve correct postures. They feel they're not flexible enough, but that pain is coming from an existing strain or injury. In this workshop, you'll find out why you have pain and stiffness and what to do about it.

Improving Posture

Poor posture is the number one cause of back, neck and joint pain, yet it can be so easy to rectify. You'll learn why you have head forward position, slouching, protruding tummy and simple ways to rectify them within minutes.

So THAT'S Why I've Got Back Pain!

Backs don't just decide to 'go out'. There are very clear reasons why we have back, neck and joint pain. Learn why you should never see yourself as having a 'bad back'. Only certain muscles are causing your pain and they can be treated.

The Myth Of Ageing

You're over 50 so you have to expect aches and pains.' How many times have you heard that? The truth is that age has nothing to do with back, neck and joint pain. It comes from years of muscle misuse and poor posture. Find out what you've been doing wrong and how to correct it.

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