'Celebrating Our Natural Heritage'

'Kampung Kampus'

Edible Gardening : -'Growing your own veggies & herbs in a tropical, urban environment'

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"Celebrating Natural Wellness"

We invite you, our guest, to hide away at TanahTara ...
soak in the solitude and tranquility of this serene natural haven,
allow yourself to reconnect with nature and
fully nurture the well-being of your mind, body and spirit ...

with Forest Bathing/'Shinrin-Yoku' – where you walk into a forest, breathe deeply and open all your senses. Then hug the trees.
The Japanese healing practice of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) is not only relaxing, it’s restorative, with a host of benefits that include a boosted immune system, improved mood, lowered blood pressure and reduced stress ...

to enjoying Waterfalls, Hot Springs, Indigenous Herbal Treatments, Fresh Juice Bars ...

Besides Nature, one of our Wellness Resources is Terry - the originator of Terry Touch.

A muscle restoration therapy perfected through giving thousands of treatments.
When we strain and injure ourselves, we ignore and over-ride the 'factory settings' we were born with that dictate correct postural, growth and muscular functions.
This leads to back, neck and joint pain.
Pain is also a result of misusing our bodies, mainly through bad posture, but also from the twists and strains we suffer as part of normal living.
Using just one finger, Terry restores muscles to their 'original settings' to give safe, gentle relief from pain.
This allows the body to heal itself.
Massage is not a part of the treatment. There is no manipulation, cracking or crunching.
Terry uses a range of other natural hands-on therapies as required.
He was also trained in Dorn Therapy by Barbara Simon, who studied under Dieter Dorn in Germany.
Terry gives treatments, introductory classes and workshops in a number of countries.

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Terry McCarthy - Terry Touch
Muscle Restoration Therapy
Dorn Therapy

'Celebrating Our Culinary Heritage'

The Herbal & Spices Apothecary

'Make your own Jamu'

Jamu (old spelling Djamu) is traditional, predominantly herbal medicine from Indonesia, made from natural materials, such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits. Honey, royal jelly, milk and ayam kampung eggs are also often used.

The Jamu herbal culture continues in the Javanese royal courts / Keratons of Yogyakarta and Surakarta; where the ancient books on herbal medicine are kept in the royal librarys

This workshop covers the traditional herbal apothecary and know-how on the making and preparation of Jamu.

Learn also about the body beauty treatments inherited from Javanese princesses and ladies of the court

The course begins with explanations about the ingredients and their benefits for our body, and proceeds with the techniques to make the Jamu.

Jamu Kunyit Asam, a traditional natural elixir drink that is believed to help digestion and weight loss

This course includes sample of the ingredients, a bottle of Jamu, and a package of body treatment as souvenirs.

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Cooking Classes

'Kampong Cuisine'

Satay or sate is a famous dish of seasoned and skewered grilled meat often served with various spicy sauces. It is a popular national dish of Indonesia inspired by its diverse ethnic groups’ culinary arts. It is widely available from an old-school traveling satay vendor, at a streetside warung, in a fancy restaurant or at a traditional celebration or festival.

'Cooking with Rainforest Herbs'

Culinary Experiences

Romantic Sunrise Breakfast

Sunset Picnic Breakfast - High Tea on top of a mountain surrounded by Rainforest as far as the eye can see

'Celebrating Legacy'

The Legacy of Family, Community ... - The Legacy of Memories, Stories

The Legacy of Cultures