The Terengganu Heritage House

Terengganu was part of the Malay kingdom of Langkasuka from 2nd to 16th century.
Active trading relationships with the neighbouring countries of Siam, Cambodia and Indonesia have influenced the shape of the Terengganu House.

Constructed out of Cengal (a Malay Hardwood), the roof is covered with "Singhorra Tiles" named after the town of Songkla, where the tiles originated.

Peles (gable ends) are fitted to the end of the roof.

The house floor is usually raised nearly 2.5 meters off the ground. The high posts also work as prevention from flood waters during the monsoon rains as the house is normally located not far from a river bend.

The "Sobek" woodcarvings - with beautiful patterns of flora and islamic symbols - make the Terengganu house one of the richest cultural and heritage icons of the Peninsular Malay state.