Welcome to the TanahTara Estate

A Celebration of Nature, Heritage, Culture, Community & Cuisine



The TanahTara Estate is nestled in the rural, forested heart of Selangor, Malaysia, in Kampong Sungai Lui - 'Village of the River of Money'



In the highly hierarchical Javanese culture, the Joglo House is traditionally associated with the residences of noble families.



A multi-functional Hall to stage Private Dinners, Parties, Seminars, Workshops and Exhibitions.



'Celebrating Our Natural Heritage'
'Celebrating Our Culinary Heritage'
'Celebrating The Legacy Of - Family, Community and Cultures'


‘Ride, Refuel, Rest, Relax’

A Cafe with a menu and facilities designed especially for the elite and recreational bicyclists, that frequent the Hulu Langat area.


Istana is a Malay word meaning ‘Palace’

Istana is a Malay and Indonesian word meaning 'Palace'. Travel back in time to celebrate the Art, Soul & Romance of ‘old’ Malaya, in ...



It's a Place to indulge in both simple & sophisticated pleasures,
to live, love and laugh in the moment,
to celebrate special people ...



Malay Kampongs     Waterfalls
Rainforest Reserves
  Mountains ...

The Istana

Istana is a Malay and Indonesian word meaning 'palace'.

Travel back in time to enjoy the 'Malay World' aesthetic with a private collection of ethnic and antique furniture, textiles and artefacts in a Malay Royal's heritage country home.

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For the Right Guests ...


we have curated an Experience that is Unique, Interesting, Adventurous, Informative

Would you like to find out about and experience the Malays - their culture, cuisine, history, heritage, the arts and how they live, work and play?

Would you be interested in having a unique, exclusive stay in a Malay Royal's country home in a 'Kampong', only 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur?

Are you adventurous and curious enough to try out traditional, often spicy, coconutty and chili - hot Malay Kampong Cuisine, made with tropical herbs, fruits and veggies picked fresh from our land and free-range livestock from ours and neighbouring farms.

Would you like to challenge your fears of the dark and the surrounding jungle and find out what it will be like to go to sleep with and wake up to the sounds of the 'wilderness' orchestra or go trekking with an Aboriginal in the day, to find out about some of the 3,000 and still counting, culinary and healthcare rainforest herbs or even how to cook with some of them?

Enjoy all your contemporary creature comforts indoors, but be willing to share space with the occasional iguana or gekko, that will probably be more afraid of you than you will be of them?

A lover of Nature? There are enough trees to hug around here and no one will laugh at you!